hey everyone. Oh well, this blog is dedicated to animals - yep. If anyone have any suggestions, critic , etc, I'll be really happy to know :)
ps : All the photos here can be found on weheartit, or I just reblog ! But if you see your picture here and do not want it, let me know :) xx
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electricsoulz :  would you mind taking a look at my blog😁

no problem :) xx

melstringer :  Cutest little puppies and kittens in a pet shop in Japan, there's a pic on my blog that links to the video <3

I’ll check your blog then :) Thanks anyway sweetie !! xx

lorendactle :  Sooooooo u should totally post more pics :3 I lie ur blog

Im just a litttle busy now, but I promise I’ll try to post as most as I can 

nichole102 :  Can you do more precious little baby pigs? They're just so precious 😍 😊

I promise I’ll look for pigs sweetie , thanks ! :) xx